Resources for Professionalizing Your H-2A Workforce

CIERTO collaborates with growers, retailers and workers to manage custom H-2A guest worker programs that are profitable, while honoring the voices and expertise of farm workers, and protecting the stability of our food supply system.

Our ethical, transparent recruiting program and training modules professionalize migrant farm workers, helping to create an efficient, productive workforce, dedicated to returning to your farm season after season. 

Explore the blog posts, white papers, and other resources below to discover the benefits of  ethical recruiting for your farm and workforce.

CIERTO Overview

Ethical recruiting protects H-2A workers, retailers, and growers like you. Find out how CIERTO can help you unlock these benefits.


H-2A 101

Learn the basics of recruiting responsibly through the H-2A program.

Recruit H-2A Workers from Guatemala

Your farm may be eligible for $500 per worker to offset logistical costs associated with recruiting agricultural workers from Guatemala. Find out how!

International Labor Organization Best Practices

CIERTO and the ILO collaborated closely to create these best practices for ethical H-2A recruiting. Download in English, or Spanish.


CIERTO Industry News & Company Notes

Joe Has Opinions!

Joe Has Opinions!

CIERTO CEO Joe Martinez is often asked to give his perspective on the issues facing migrant workers and growers as they work together to produce the fruits and vegetables that keep all of our families healthy and well-fed.  2022 has been an especially busy year for...

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