The CIERTO Code of Conduct

A Message from Our CEO.

CIERTO was created almost 10 years ago with the purpose of creating a more equitable and fair hiring model for migrant workers. One that supports employers by minimizing their risk and providing the best possible workforce, while protecting the rights of workers from the moment they leave their communities of origin until their arrival at the destination farm.

Today we have been successful in helping to build a sustainable model that provides value to our employer partners and farmworkers. The important thing is that we continue to do this work based on our values ​​of transparency, ethics and communication. We all have an important role to play in creating work with equity, integrity and justice, that allows the evolution and growth of our company.

This code of conduct represents what CIERTO stands for and reflects what our team and board of directors believe in. I ask that each of us, from our team members, to our partners and our communities read this document, and remind ourselves that we all have a part to play in making this world a better place, by standing by our values and standards.

Thank you,

Joe Martinez, CEO CIERTO

As a recruiting organization, CIERTO must constantly evolve to keep pace with industry and regulatory changes. Every day we make decisions that affect our staff members, the workers we recruit, our Board of Directors and our clients. The Code of Conduct can help make sure that our decisions are just, well-reasoned and build trust. It informs us of the behaviors and actions we expect from ourselves and from each other, and where and how to get more information when we need it.

As an international entity, our code reminds us that we are committed to complying with the laws and regulations of each nation in which we operate. Therefore our staff members may be subject to additional legal requirements, including US, Mexican and Guatemalan laws. Remember, even if local customs are less strict, our Code of Conduct still applies. If you believe our Code is in conflict with local laws, please contact us below for more guidance.

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