Comprehensive Training Services

In addition to ensuring that your farm is H-2A compliant, we take pride in providing a  comprehensive and customized training course conducted before your new employees leave their communities of origin. 

This hands-on instruction equips CIERTO workers with the knowledge they need to help your farm maintain standards of productivity, safety, and food quality. These transferable skills mean that employees are capable of performing a variety of tasks efficiently. 

Knowledgeable workers are more likely to align with your business goals and objectives, while helping the farm stay in compliance with H-2A regulations, HR policies, and food safety guidelines.

Our training also includes vital information about the job offer the trainee has accepted. He or she will have the tools necessary to take care of their own health (aside from injuries), and to prevent sexual and labor harassment. The training equips workers to handle conflict resolution peacefully themselves when possible, leaving your team free to focus on running your farm. 

CIERTO’s proprietary training materials familiarize workers with FTUSA, EFI, GlobalGap, and SQF standards, certifications and best practices.

At the end of training, we conduct evaluation exercises to determine workers’ progress and knowledge of the training materials.

Our 10-Module training program addresses the following topics:

  1. CIERTO’s Mission, Vision, and Role in the Recruitment Process
  2. Terms and Conditions of Their Contract
  3. Work Site Conduct and Product(s)
  4. Worker’s Expert Role in the Supply Chain
  5. Commitment to Communication
  6. Communication Skills:
    1. Verbal and Non Verbal
    2. Building Trust 
    3. Listening
    4. Conflict Resolution
  7. Food Safety and Quality
  8. Health and Safety
  9. Worker’s Rights
  10. H2A information session (only if applicable)

Additionally, to address issues caused by the pandemic, we offer a COVID safety module.

By the time new employees arrive at your job site, they will have successfully completed our comprehensive screening and training process. These workers will be diligent, dependable, knowledgeable about your crops, excited to learn, and eager to apply their knowledge to their work. 

This process is designed to:

  • Help workers develop an understanding of their role in your operation
  • Set expectations as to what they will be doing on a day-to-day basis
  • Establish, develop, and improve valuable skills
  • Emphasize the importance of workplace safety
  • Create a collaborative on site atmosphere among workers, managers, and owners

CIERTO training covers your own farm’s specific rules and regulations, and for an additional fee we are happy to include a customized module to meet any needs and specification not addressed in our standard set of classes.

Please email us for more information on this optional service.

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