New Hire Signals More Aggressive Growth Strategy for Ethical H-2A Recruitment Org

Tom Tasker, former Director of Business Development at Versay Solutions, has joined CIERTO as Director of Business Development. This is a newly created position and Mr. Tasker’s duties will include coordinating sales activities and working in partnership with the executive staff to accelerate the organization’s growth in the H-2A guest worker recruitment arena.

The move comes as CIERTO expands its recruiting operations into Central America’s Northern Triangle, having opened a field office in Guatemala City earlier this year, in a bid to increase the number of Guatemalan farm workers eligible and able to work in the United States. 

CIERTO Director of Business Development, Tom Tasker

Tasker’s first order of business will be to implement the Guatemala Workforce Initiative (GWI). The GWI is a pilot program CIERTO created in partnership with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, USAID and the White House to help growers in the US reduce logistical costs associated with the H-2A program, and to bring more farms into the ethical H-2A recruitment community.

“I’m excited and honored to join the CIERTO team. This is already the premier H-2A recruiting organization in the US, and I believe our values of transparency, honesty and trust are the perfect springboard to take us to the next level of success, and to transform the agricultural recruiting paradigm.”

CIERTO team members expressed excitement and enthusiasm for Tasker’s hiring.
CEO Joe Martinez said, “I’m excited to have Tom join CIERTO’s team as our Director of Business Development. Tom aligns with our vision, mission and purpose, and it’s great to have someone dedicated to building relationships with growers who want to do H-2A the right way!
Welcome aboard Tom!”

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