Transformational Recruiting

Imagine a workforce of H2A workers and H2B workers that are motivated, well-trained and capable of delivering a boost to your productivity.

CIERTO’s workers contribute to your bottom line in the short term, and provide year over year efficiency gains as well.

We set the standard for finding highly qualified candidates, matching them to your job needs, and training them to your specifications.

We’ll work together to develop a reliable workforce for growers and employers, recruited through safe, secure legal pathways.

We’ve built our reputation on communication, mutual respect and transparency. That’s because these core values are key to building trusting relationships among the H2A workers, H2B workers, growers, employers and retailers who make up today’s supply chain.

Receive a $50,000 Supplement for Every 100 H2A Workers or H2B Workers Hired

In partnership with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, with the support of the White House, CIERTO has created a pilot program designed to bring skilled Guatemalan H2A and H2B workers to American businesses under the H2 programs.

The Guatemala Workforce Initiative (GWI)

The CIERTO Difference

  • Low contract abandonment and absenteeism rates
  • Year over year efficiency gains
  • A recruitment model recognized by the International Labor Organization, the International Recruitment Integrity System, the US federal Government, the UN and more
  • 3-stage, independent surveys take place in communities of origin, at the job site and upon return home to verify clean recruitment and transparency
  • Measuring and Evaluation program provides actionable data on productivity, worker satisfaction and more
  • Ten-module custom training module based on employers needs

Our mission is to build the world’s most transparent, secure and cost effective H2 recruitment solution bringing good jobs at good wages to workers, and a reliable, sustainable workforce to employers.