CIERTO is an international Farm Labor Contractor dedicated to assisting employers with the federal H-2A visa program. We recruit, train, and place experienced workers on farms in the United States. Our mission is to actively develop and maintain a professional, career-oriented, agricultural workforce, committed to returning to farms year after year.

For growers, our H-2A services provide a skilled, certified, and stable solution to labor needs. For workers, these services provide safe, sustainable work opportunities, open communication, and consistent assistance throughout their contract. Retailers depend on our consistent oversight to ensure that their labor supply chain is legal, and free of forced labor and abuse – an increasingly important concern in this era of socially conscious consumers.

Our range of custom services includes the processing of H2A Visas, coordinating housing and transportation, and troubleshooting issues onsite. We equip our workers with the knowledge they need to help farms maintain compliance standards on labor, food safety, and quality. Through our comprehensive training program, farm workers develop transferable skills which lead to year-round work, offering them stable labor opportunities while increasing retention rates for farmers and farm productivity. 

Our Core Values Set Us Apart – & Will Help Set You Apart

Our business model is based on 3 bedrock principles: transparency, collaboration, and sustainability. Every decision we make must align with these core values.

To meet these high standards, we work with a number of 3rd party verification organizations and Mexican government agencies, as well as the International Labor Organization. By partnering with these outside groups, we are able to safeguard the interests of both growers and farm workers, while protecting the integrity of the labor supply chain. We work to eliminate fraudulent, corrupt, and dangerous practices that immigrant farm workers often experience when relocating to the United States.

This results in trusted relationships up and down the supply chain – from workers, to growers to retailers.

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