Receive a $500 Per-Worker Supplement

The Guatemala Workforce Initiative

The Guatemala Workforce Initiative (GWI) provides a direct, bottom line benefit to growers and Farm Labor Contractors (FLCs) in the form of a per-worker supplement for hiring skilled, trained, ethically recruited H-2A workers from Guatemala.

Working with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, with the support of the U.S. Federal Government, CIERTO has secured funding to provide an incentive of up to $500 per worker to offset the logistical costs of recruiting, training, and transporting Guatemalan workers under the Federal H-2A guest worker program.

GWI Program Overview

Under the terms of the program, CIERTO and our partners will provide funding of up to $500 per worker.

With an engagement of 100 workers, your farm could receive a supplement of $50,000.

The goals of the program include:

  • Supporting growers in the United States as they work to secure a reliable workforce
  • Providing additional ethical and legal pathways for migrant workers to participate in U.S. agricultural industries
  • Increasing the number of H-2A workers from Northern Triangle countries, beginning with Guatemala
  • Protecting the continuity, safety, and stability of the national food supply chain

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The H-2A program is intended to help growers who face challenges securing a dependable workforce, by allowing guest workers to work temporarily in the United States under a specialized visa.

Growers must meet certain requirements to participate in the program, and can incur costs related to fulfilling these obligations.


The GWI incentive offsets these costs by covering travel-related expenses at the time they are incurred.

Grower and Worker Benefits

  • $500 supplement per worker, applied to grower’s bottom line
  • Significant productivity improvements
  • Collaborative H-2A compliance
  • Fully vetted, trained, and skilled workers
  • A reliable supply chain
  • Transparency with 3rd party verification
  • Continuity in the agricultural labor supply chain
  • Internationally endorsed responsible H-2A recruitment
  • End-to-end service: petition, recruitment, visas and transport
  • Comprehensive pre-arrival training

Once engaged, CIERTO will hit the ground running, assisting and guiding your team through the recruitment process for Guatemalan H-2A guest workers, including:

  • Filing of corresponding petitions with State Workforce Agency, U.S. Department of Labor, and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (U.S.C.I.S.)
  • Worker training and orientation on employment contracts
  • Full logistical support for transportation of workers from community of origin to Consulate, and to either employer-provided housing or the work site, including provision of hotel accommodations and meals
  • Screening of best candidates to meet specific agricultural needs
  • Scheduling Consulate appointments for workers
  • Completing online applications for each worker’s DS-160
  • Escorting workers to the U.S.C.I.S. Application Support Center office for fingerprinting and photos
  • Representing and escorting workers to Consulate for Interviews
  • Guiding workers through border crossing appointment and I-94 process
  • Coordination of housing and catering contracts
  • Assessment and compliance assurance for Client payroll
  • Assistance with all required reporting throughout contract

Clean, Transparent Recruiting Is Good Business

Significant Productivity Improvements

Fully Trained, Knowledgeable Workers

A Reliable Labor Supply Chain

Collaborative H-2A Compliance

Our Transformational Recruitment Model

Transparent & Free of Charge to Workers

— Partnerships with organizations —

— Verification of recruitment process —

— Surveys of H-2A workers —

— Work with US, Mexican & Northern Triangle Governments —

The CIERTO Difference

Our unique, 3-step verification process creates a collaborative approach between workers & management, in an environment where workers are committed to their employer & free of fear.

We’re the ONLY ethical farm labor recruiter that GUARANTEES COMPLIANCE from community of origin, to the border, to the farm & back home.

“CIERTO finds the right workers with the right mindsets to work our intense harvesting season. This has led to consistently increased productivity for the last few seasons.

Matt Rogers

General Manager, AgSocio

“The responsible recruiting of workers is an important & complex issue. Costco is proud to be working with CIERTO – an agency that truly understands the complexities of the issue, and that elevates responsible recruitment practices.”

Preston Witt

Human Rights Director, COSTCO Wholesale Corporation

“Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are focused on helping make responsible recruitment the standard business practice for employers throughout the global supply chain by 2026, and we welcome CIERTO’s efforts toward this goal”

Gavin Bailey

Walmart Foundation

The Recognized Leader in Responsible Recruiting

CIERTO ethically recruits, trains & places H-2A visa workers on farms throughout North America and Canada. Since 2016 we’ve placed thousands of farm workers, protecting them from fraud, abuse & deception, while securing a reliably stable labor supply chain for our clients.

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