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Increasing Access to Agricultural H-2A Visas for Guatemala

And CIERTO Can Help You Participate

In the past, H-2A programs have focused primarily on recruiting workers from Mexico, with a smaller footprint in other Central America, countries. According to the Migration Policy Institute, more than 90% of H-2A agricultural visas went to Mexican citizens, while only 2% were awarded to Guatemalen workers.

Working with Northern Triangle federal governments, the Federal Government is taking steps to change this. 

Their goal is to create a recruiting system in the region that provides incentives for improved work conditions, transparency and honesty throughout the guest worker recruitment process, and continuity of supply – while eliminating fraud, deception, and abuse.

Funding for Growers Available

As part of this expansion program, CIERTO has secured funding to offset the increased logistical costs of recruiting Guatemalan workers.

Up to $500 per worker is available for qualified farms who enlist in the program with CIERTO.

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The Recognized Leader in Responsible Recruiting

Since 2016, CIERTO has ethically recruited, trained & placed thousands of H-2A visa workers on farms throughout North America.

Over the years, we’ve consistently shown that Responsible Recruiting protects workers, growers and retailers.

Clean, Transparent Recruiting Is Good Business

Significant Productivity Improvements

Fully Trained, Knowledgeable Workers

A Reliable Labor Supply Chain

Guaranteed H-2A Compliance

Our Clean Recruitment Model

Transparent & Free of Charge

— Partnerships with organizations —

— Verification of recruitment process —

— Surveys of H-2A workers —

— Work with US & Mexican Governments —

The CIERTO Difference

Our unique, 3-step verification process creates a collaborative approach between workers & management, in an environment where workers are committed to their employer & free of fear.

We’re the ONLY ethical farm labor recruiter that GUARANTEES COMPLIANCE from community of origin, to the border, to the farm & back home.

“Consumers have shown that they prioritize ethical labor practices in produce purchasing decisions. We are proud to support agencies like CIERTO that respond to that demand by making transparency & integrity key aspects of their H-2A recruiting model.”

Gavin Bailey

Sr. Manager, Sustainability & Sustainable Supply Chains, Walmart Foundation

“The responsible recruiting of workers is an important & complex issue. We are interested in doing business with suppliers who are learning to understand the complexity of the issue & to elevate responsible recruitment practices.”

Keith Neal

VP/GMM of Fresh Produce, COSTCO Wholesale Corporation

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